Cookies are small files that the browser downloads when you access the website www.dicoragro.ro. The computer automatically recognizes and accepts these files through the browser you are using.

These files can look like "bookmarks" that indicate where you last stayed when you visited the website. They can also be seen as identifiers that announce the website every time you return to www.dicoragro.ro.

Cookies are not dangerous. The computer stores them in memory, but they cannot access or read information stored on the computer. You can extend or limit the parameters for using cookies in the browser you use to browse the Internet.


Cookies improve upload speed and browsing experience. For example, they take into account your preferences when browsing a website, such as the language in which you want the content to be displayed.

These files are also used to prepare anonymous statistics that help us understand how visitors interact, in general, with the pages www.dicoragro.ro, without identifying the person of the user. For analysis, the website uses the Google Analytics service, which uses cookies. In this case, the files save information about the use of the website, the number of pages displayed, the sources from which visitors come and the number of visits. The goal is to improve the website so that it offers better services and experiences to visitors.

Cookies do not request personal information in order to be used and, in most cases, do not identify the person of the Internet user.


The storage time of a cookie varies depending on the purpose for which it is placed. Session cookies are used for a single browsing session, are retained only during the visit and are not stored after the user leaves the website. Permanent cookies are used when the user returns to the website.

You can delete all these categories of cookies, at any time, through the settings in the browser you use for browsing.


A visit to this site may place cookies for the purposes of:

• Site performance cookies
• Visitor analysis cookies
• Geotargetting cookies
• Advertising cookies
• Advertising provider cookies


This type of cookie retains the user's preferences on this site, so there is no need to set them each time you visit the site.

• video player volume settings
• the video streaming speed that the browser is compatible with


Each time a user visits this site the analytics software provided by a third party generates a user analysis cookie. This cookie tells us if you have visited this site before. The browser will tell us if you have this cookie, and if not, we will generate one. It allows monitoring the unique users who visit us and how often they do it.

As long as you are not registered on this site, this cookie cannot be used to identify individuals, they are used only for statistical purposes.


These cookies are used by a software that determines which country you come from. It is completely anonymous and is only used to target content - even when you are on our page in Romanian or in another language you receive the same advertisement.


These cookies allow us to find out whether or not you have viewed an online advertisement, what its type is and how long it has been since you saw the advertising message.

We also use these cookies to target online advertising. We may also use third-party cookies to better target advertising, to show, for example, holiday advertisements, if the user has recently visited an article on the holiday site. These cookies are anonymous, they store information about the content viewed, not about users.

We also set anonymous cookies through other sites we advertise on. By receiving them, we can use them to recognize you as a visitor to that site if you later visit our site, we will be able to deliver advertising based on this information.


You can find advertising on this site belonging to third parties. Some of these parties use their own anonymous cookies to analyze how many people have been exposed to an advertisement, or to see how many people have been exposed to the same ad several times.

The companies that generate these cookies have their own privacy policies, and this site does not have access to read or write these cookies. Third-party cookies may be used to show you targeted advertising on other sites as well, based on your browsing on this site.


On some pages, third parties may set their own anonymous cookies in order to track the success of an application or to customize an application. Due to the use of this site, this site cannot access these cookies, just as third parties cannot access the cookies held by this site.

For example, when you share an article using the social media button on this site, that social network will record your activity.


Depending on the browser you are using, follow the steps below to determine how you want cookies to be used.

• In the upper right corner, click the Chrome menu> Settings.
• Scroll to the bottom of the page, click on "Show advanced settings".
• In the "Privacy" section, click on the "Content settings" button.
• In the "Cookies" section, choose your preferred settings.
• To delete cookies, click on "All cookies and site data…" to see the list of all these files that Chrome has stored on your hard drive. You can delete them individually or all of them directly by selecting "Remove All."

• Click on the menu button and choose "Preferences".
• Select “Privacy” from the side menu.
• From the “History” combo, select “Use custom settings for history”.
• Select "Accept cookies from sites" to allow the use of cookies or deselect to not allow their use.
• To delete cookies, click on “Show Cookies…” and a new window will open, where you can select and delete one or more cookies simultaneously.

• Select the top right wheel of the browser, then choose Internet Options.
• Click on the "Privacy" tab and select "Advanced".
• Choose "Accept / Block / Prompt" for "First-party Cookies" as well as for "Third-party Cookies". If you want, you can also check "Always allow session cookies" here. Press OK after making the settings.
• To delete all cookies, choose the "General" tab from "Internet Options" and click on "Delete…" in the "Browsing History" tab. Check "Cookies and Website Data" and click on Delete.

By using www.dicoragro.ro, you agree with the way we use cookies, in accordance with this "Policy on the use of Cookies". If you do not agree, you need to stop cookies, following the instructions above, depending on the browser you use. Disabling the use of these files may affect your user experience of www.dicoragro.ro. We reserve the right to make any additions or changes to this "Cookie Policy". Any changes and / or additions will be displayed on www.dicoragro.ro and will take effect from the moment of display. For more details, we invite you to write to us at office@dicoragro.ro